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Weight Loss

Tired of weight loss programs that just don’t work?

We’d like to introduce you to a weight loss program that involves no surgery, no starving, no outrageous exercise programs, and no packaged meals. You won’t feel tired, hungry or irritable as with most diets.



This hCG program is specifically designed and covers the use of prescription hCG for weight loss, the required lab tests, diet protocol, and how to safely and effectively create a long term weight loss program. The hCG Diet is a program formulated with specific amounts of nutrition and ingredients to encourage weight loss.

HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a glycoprotein composed of 244 amino acids. Only hCG injections have been shown to raise blood levels of hCG, so that is the only acceptable way of taking hCG at this time. Any other way of taking hCG, such as drops, pills, or sprays, are likely dissolved before ever reaching the blood, and they do not raise blood levels; this would be like taking nothing at all. Injections should only be taken with a prescription from a doctor, and under medical supervision.

HCG injections keep you from losing muscle while you diet. By elevating hormone levels in the body, including testosterone, the hCG hormone creates an anabolic state (muscle-building) which counteracts the catabolic state (muscle-breakdown). There are hormone receptors on muscle fibers that respond to the increased hormone levels in patients taking the hCG hormone.

During a fast, dramatic loss of pounds with crash dieting, there is a high amount of muscle that is lost. Because muscle is heavy, this loss looks good on the scale because the pounds are dropping quickly. When you lose muscle, it’s bad for your body, shape, and metabolism. The metabolism slows so much that dieter regain weight quickly, often regaining all the weight that was lost and then some. Additionally, it takes quite a bit of work to build back the muscle that has been lost.

This protocol, however, protects muscle from being lost. In fact, there is more of a pure fat loss, which causes a shrinking in inches and size of clothing. The great result is that one can become leaner, in a smaller clothing size, but with more muscle. This muscle allows for a stronger metabolism and helps people maintain their weight loss long after their diet is completed.


“The hCG diet produces weight loss but more specifically, fat loss.”

And that is why the hCG Diet will reshape your body. Your body needs reserve and structural fat but does not need abnormal fat to survive.

The hCG Diet and the 3 Types of Fat

  • Reserve fat which your body draws upon for energy when you skip a meal
  • Structural fat which is located between your organs, joints and bones
  • Abnormal fat or adipose tissue which is the fat that your body ‘banks’ in case of starvation.

By following our hCG diet protocol, your body releases the unlocked calories and nutrients stored in their abnormal fat. As a result, the hCG diet will produce not only weight loss, but fat loss.

hCG Diet vs. Traditional Diets

Most traditional diets, without the benefit of hCG, rely on calorie restrictions that can trigger your body’s ‘starvation response’ also called ‘starvation mode.’ This response essentially causes your body to conserve your fat reserves, locking them up and holding on to them as long as possible. Your body then is forced to begin burning muscle and body tissue first, rather than the fat reserves you are trying to get rid of.


“The benefit of the hCG diet is that your body will convert stored fat for fuel and keep you out of starvation mode.”

What You Can Expect

  • An average weight loss from ½ lb to 1 lb per day
  • Decreased hunger
  • Increased metabolism
  • Body contouring
  • No loss of muscle or structural fat
  • Decrease in excess fat and stored fat

Benefits of hCG

  • Rapid weight loss (.5-1/lb per day)
  • Physician supervised for your safety
  • Targets “problem” fat around your abdomen, hips & thighs
  • Resets your metabolism to help maintain your weight loss
  • Reduces your appetite
  • We only use pharmaceutical strength hCG

hCG Weight Loss Program includes:

  • Detailed medical history assessment and lab testing
  • The exclusive IAPAM Patient Guidebook
  • Weekly private consultations with our experienced staff
  • Fat burning injections to promote the breakdown of fat