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I have been seeing Dr. Childers for over a year now, and cannot begin to say how happy I am to be regaining my life back. Prior to visiting Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware I spent much time and money visiting numerous doctors in various states, with no progress being made concerning my Hashimoto’s or hormone levels. After having twins, both spiraled out of control. Dr.Childers and his amazing staff were caring from day one as I started my Major Autohemotherapy treatments (they even had blankets), and the results were amazing . I have also undergone Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, with just as much success. Again, I have begun to get my life back thanks to Dr. Childers and his team. This mom of 3, highly recommends Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware.

Liz Keefer/ COO

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A few years ago, I began to notice a change in myself and I despised what was happening. I constantly felt exhausted. I was taking medication for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The scale continued to go up despite diet and exercise. Headaches were becoming more frequent and more severe. Night sweats and hot flashes were unbearable. I began to make appointments with my primary care physician, the gynecologist, and an endocrinologist. I was told they had run every test imaginable and there was nothing wrong with me except the possibility of aging and menopause. This possible realization sent me into a tailspin of “I cannot function with normal day to day activities as I go through this change that could take years.” Then I found Dr. Childers and my life changed. One of the most important qualities he had was he actually listened to me as I told him my concerns. After new blood work tests, he found I was not producing testosterone. Who knew a female needed testosterone? Within a week of the pellet injection, I felt like a miracle had occurred. I was back to my old self. One of the symptoms I had and didn’t even know was “brain fog.” I think I had just been feeling so bad for so long that I hadn’t even realized that my ability to focus and mental clarity were suffering. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy made me feel “normal” again. Thank you to Dr. Childers and his entire team at Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware!


Kim Mitchell
Principal, Woodbridge Early Childhood Education Center

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I have been seeing Dr. Childers for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy because I had a total hysterectomy which would have pushed me into very premature menopause. The BHRT has been a life saver for me. When I had my first therapy I felt a total flush of well-being. My lack of hormones due to a large tumor had dragged not only my physical health down but my mental health as well. All the symptoms the advertisement in Dr. Childers office are correct. Since taking the BHRT I saw immediate dissipation of anxiety and moodiness, I had positive effects in all areas of my life and marriage. I am so thankful for this medical miracle. I talked it over with my OBGYN in Georgetown, DE (who has since retired) about the safety and other concerns I had in taking BHRT and he assured me he agreed it was a medical break-through that he wished all his hysterectomy patients would explore.

While I was being treated for BHRT I mentioned to Dr. Childers that I would like to loose about 50 pounds. He showed me a video of the HCG diet. After much prayer and discussion with my family I tried the first 40 day round of the diet. It is a very strict diet for 40 days, however I lost more fat, cleansed my body and have kept the weight off exceedingly more than any other diet I’ve ever been on and I’ve tried tons. I went from 186 pounds to 161 in a very short time. After using the HCG Diet even when I have been on trips or holidays where I overeat, my metabolism has increased so well that I am able to get the few pounds back off with no problem. I now have energy to exercise daily and confidence to do things I never thought possible. Thanks, Dr. Childers and your sweet, caring staff, for helping me be a much better version of me.

Carla Parker

Bridgeville, DE

I’ve been undergoing Ozone Therapy for lyme disease with Dr Childers and half way through my treatment the results have been miraculous.  Among the many physical symptoms I was experiencing like arthritis, joint pains, and a decline in vision, the most concerning of mine were depression and feelings of helplessness.  Having been on anti-depressants throughout my life, there hasn’t been anything as effective as Ozone Therapy.  Dr. Childers is sincere in his willingness to help you return to optimum health.  His staff are professional and caring. I truly have never felt better in my entire life and it has been a blessing to have to discovered this treatment.

Greg Schnoor

26  Rehoboth Beach

Before I started receiving treatment for my chronic Lyme diease I was unable to function like a normal human being. I thought it would be impossible to feel strong and energized again, but with the help of Dr. Childers and the nurses at Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware, healing looked possible again. I strongly feel with the treatment of Ozone Therapy, along with proper diet and exercise, it is possible to feel healthy again!

Jessica Graulich

Hi It’s been a super long time since Jen and Bev asked for this – but if you can use it go ahead. Or if you can’t. that’s fine too. I will be in touch soon to schedule hormone appointment. Miss you all.

After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I endured a multitude of treatments with little to no success. The treatment protocol with Dr. Childers has me on a path to restore my health from the inside and has me feeling better than I have in eight years. Dr. Childers uses science and nature to derive his protocol, which benefits and supports the healing process and the ability to kill off the bacteria that have remained in the body for long periods of time. There are very few doctors like Dr. Childers, in that he believes and understands the mechanisms of the Lyme bacteria. Knowing that antibiotics will not help once the bacteria have reached a certain point inside the body, Dr. Childers methods do not include pharmaceuticals. rather innovative ways to give the body what it needs to fight. I highly recommend speaking with Dr. Childers and his knowledgeable staff! If you have suffered from Lyme Disease. or a co-infection, Dr. Childers will validate your condition and get you on the path to healing.

Sharon Mack