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Are you struggling with unexplained weight gain, or finding it hard to lose weight and keep it off despite diet and exercise? Is it affecting your self-confidence? Summer is coming, but do you cringe at the thought of being in public in a swim suit? If you’ve tried several weight loss programs with little to no success, then our hCG Weight Loss program may be right for you! Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware offers the hCG program which involves prescription doses of the hCG hormone, as well as a specialized diet plan, doctor supervision including lab tests that can result in real weight loss with long-term results.

Why is hCG Effective for Weight Loss?

hCG, is a glycoprotein found within our body that is composed of 244 amino acids. Men and women both produce low levels of hCG throughout their lifetime. This hormone helps support both male and female reproductive function. However, hCG is most commonly found in pregnant women. It may initially sound strange to use a hormone found in women who are pregnant to lose weight, until you understand the science behind it.

hCG is effective for weight loss due to the same reason it is effective in keeping a growing baby nourished during pregnancy. During pregnancy, if the mother does not consume enough fat to nourish both the pregnant mother and baby in utero, the hCG hormone will activate the pregnant mother’s body to utilize stored fat for her nutrition requirements. In the same manner, hCG for weight loss also causes the body to burn the stored and unnecessary fat cells in our body.

How Does the hCG Program Work?

During our hCG program, a series of injections along with a specialized, four phase diet of fruits, vegetables and protein, is followed. hCG encourages the breakdown of non-essential fat cells during the restricted diet.  This is the fat that is commonly seen gathering around the stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks. The prescribed diet is usually around 800 calories per day. This low calorie diet promotes the rapid weight loss and elimination of non-essential fat, while the hCG injection preserves the necessary fats and muscle fiber.

The hCG injections during this low calorie diet, also prevent weakness and fatigue which may otherwise by felt during such a restricted calorie diet of this level. Although you will shed pounds quickly, unlike with most crash diets, you will not lose muscle. During rapid weight loss, muscle fiber is frequently lost, resulting in loss of your body’s curvaceous shape and a reduction of your metabolism.

A reduced metabolism can later result in difficulties keeping weight off in the future. If you are dedicated and stick to the program, you can expect to lose between ½ pound to 2 pounds of fat per day. The hCG injections allow for the metabolism to reboot to an appropriate level for continued fat burning and maintenance. This ensures that even after the program has been completed, the metabolism should remain functioning at its peak of performance resulting in real results that are lasting!

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