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Dr. Childers received his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine, completed his surgery residency at the New York Presbyterian-Cornell Medical Center and a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a senior clinical associate in surgery at Cornell University Medical College and served as chief resident in the Department of Surgery at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. He has also practiced cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania Division of Cadiothoracic Surgery.

Today as Medical Director of both Delaware Integrative Medicine and Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware, Dr. Childers is a Lyme Literate M.D. or LLMD. As a Lyme Literate M.D. (LLMD), Dr. Childers offers several effective treatments for Lyme disease. He is a respected international clinician on the Lyme Disease Board for the state of Delaware and has years of experience in bringing relief to those suffering from Lyme disease.

With and extensive research background in both molecular and cellular biology, as well as a Lyme Literate M.D., Dr. Childers’s efforts have always been in the direction of regenerative medicine. He has utilized regenerative text techniques since the late 1990s. He is an active member of ‘Boston Biolife”, TOBI (Total Orthobiologic Institute) and IFATS (International Federation of adipose tissue and science).

He is also a patient in with regenerative medical therapy. Before medical school, Dr. Childers What is a professional yacht racing with numerous international awards and several Americas cup victories.

“Sports injuries and a chronic degenerative shoulder condition led to my life-changing medical decision.”

After years of chronic pain, I had to make a decision, “Do I have my shoulder and knee replaced as multiple doctors had recommended? Is there a better way?” I began investigating non-surgical treatments.

Fortunately, I choose the non-surgical approach. This not only led to my physical recovery but also to an academic interest in “cellular medicine” an integrative approach to treatment.  This discipline employs innovative and novel techniques including Ortho-Mitochondrial Medicine using prolozone, platelet rich plasma and stem cells to heal and regenerate tissues, reduce inflammation, and detoxifying cells. After experiencing the amazing result on my shoulder and knees I realized that non-surgical treatments for most skeletal-muscular conditions have come of age.

Cellular medicine works by harnessing the body’s innate ability to grow and heal itself without all the drugs and invasive procedures that have become so prevalent in medicine today. It is effective because it works on the cellular level by stimulating gene expression, enhancing cellular metabolism, improving oxygen utilization, increases cellular detoxification including up-regulating hundreds of antioxidant’s response elements.

Cellular medicine dramatically increases ATP and protein synthesis –all which improve cellular function. Treatment results in a dramatic decrease in pain and inflammation while increasing blood supply and growth factors. These cellular changes, and the resulting repair and regeneration of injured tissue leads to organ and consequently total-body wellness.

“Cellular medicine does more than treat symptoms, it restores the body’s ability to heal itself.”